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I have been working with a client who is in the early stages of setting up a new business and wanted my help establishing what and who they needed to be in order to stand out from their competition in a very crowded market.  

I started by looking at their business plan and discovering what their values and USPs were and also asking about brands that they liked and how they made them feel just to find out a bit more about the people behind the business.  

I then did a couple of days research on their competitors looking at their offer, the way they spoke, what was good and bad about them and therefore leading onto what my client needed to do.  This is still in the development stages so there isn’t too much I can share on it but it is something I have really enjoyed doing.  Getting to know their industry and also helping them discover who they are at what is both a nerve wracking and exciting time. This kind of work up front is so valuable in establishing a brand identity and will help them as they develop to ensure they are staying on track.

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