A bit about us at Flex Marketing

Well, I say us, but what I really mean is me. I have almost 20 years experience working within and heading up marketing teams in various roles.  I fell into my marketing career back in 2000 when I helped out in the marketing department of a business I was already working in, turns out I was pretty good at it and they offered me a job as a marketing assistant.  From there I have worked my way up through assistant product manager, product manager, senior product manager, marketing manager and finally to my latest role before going it alone as head of brand and product management for a business in the interior decoration industry.  I’ll be honest, I got fed up of it, I was pretty sick of the corporate politics and I felt passionate about working with people that cared as much as I did so I really wanted to work in a smaller business. 

Often smaller businesses can come with smaller budgets and lets face it, you want to be spending your cash on stuff that brings results, not on a load of people, so I came up with the idea of working for a few different businesses being self employed and here I am today, hopefully impressing you with my experience and my friendly manner.  It’s not just words, the thing about me is that I am real and I am honest and I will always do what is right for your business, whatever that might be.

So why Flex Marketing?

Well, the marketing bit is obvious, I’m good at it, and I happen to like it (most of the time).  I find people fascinating and I love to see how they react to certain messages, whether that be the engagement you see on a social post, their buying behaviour after seeing an eye catching ad or brochure or even how a business selling to other businesses sales can increase by simply having a consistent message across everything they put out there.  The flex part means flexible (hopefully you got that bit).  For you, the flexibility of having someone work as your marketing team that is not employed by you means that you can flex (see what I did there?) your requirements as and when you require the work doing saving you time and money but most importantly meaning you get the results you need when you need them.  The other side of the flex coin is what I offer. Because of my vast experience at all levels I am able to offer anything from helping you to define your marketing strategy to arranging a leaflet drop to your customers and anything or everything in between.  It really is about what your business needs.

So what

Take a look at what services I provide and see if you think I can help you. If you need something that you don’t see there, just contact me, we can have a chat over a cuppa and figure it out together.

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