Business Development

Business Development

This is an area that a lot of businesses believe falls under a sales role, which it does, but the tools that the sales team or person uses in order to attract new business should be on brand, be consistent and look great if you want to get the attention of a potential new customer and keep it.

Being the expert in your particular field is invaluable when chasing new business.  Knowing your market, being knowledgeable about your sector and competition plus your customers, will all stand you in good stead to win that customers business. Of course, if you are likeable and make their lives easier they are also far more likely to buy from you.

I can help you create a suite of assets that will allow you to target any of your target customers.  This could be something as simple as a consistent presentation that your sales person can use, to a targeted emailed nurture campaign or even a show stopping exhibition stand.  The possibilities are endless and you’ve probably never even considered a lot of them.  Give me a call, lets brainstorm over a cuppa sometime soon.

business development


“Know your market, your sector and your competition”

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