Creative Liaison

Creative Liaison

Creative liaison

If you’ve ever found that it is really difficult to get across what you want when working with creatives, there’s a reason for that.  You see, its highly likely that you speak a different language, they are creative types, you are probably more commercially minded and the two do not mix well, like oil and water.

The beauty of a marketing expert, like me for instance, is that we can speak both languages.  We are well aware that a return on investment will be at the top of your agenda, we will work with you in order to ensure we know what your customer needs and we are also pretty visual too so know what good looks like.

By working with flex you will ensure you are getting what is right for your business, not what the agency want to sell you or what’s right for them.  I will also take away the pain for you which will make the whole process smoother, easier and less expensive.  Ultimately, you will get better results and you will have freed up some of your time for you to spend doing what you love doing.



“You might speak different languages, I can speak both and help you get what you need

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