Product Development

Taking a product from concept to launch

You’ve got a great idea for a product, you’ve done your research and you know it will sell and it fits into your strategy so all you have to do now is get that product developed, tested, packaged and launched, but how?

Taking a product from a great idea to actually getting it out there to your customers as a saleable assett is not as simple as it might sound.  It’s quite the challenge to get the idea out of your head and into a plan that is understood by all the key stakeholders who need to work with it along the way.

From the design team, manufacturing, operations and importantly the sales team, you need to get buy in along the way from everyone, especially those who maybe just want to make what they’ve always made/sell what they’ve always sold.

In addition you need to consider things like packaging, does it need to be ‘shelf ready’? Does it need to include your branding? A barcode? Do you need transit packaging? Do instructions go on the packaging or inside? Make sure you think about every aspect, even if you then decide it is not necessary – better than realising later that you made a costly mistake.

It’s important for product success that any new product is developed and launched in a targeted and considered way. Not easy but totally possible.

Jayne Says

“Great ideas are all well and good but if you have no idea how to deliver them they just remain great ideas.”

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