Product Strategy

Build your product strategy

Many businesses know where they want to be and why but not necessarily how to get there. This is where I come in. By totally immersing myself in your business as if I actually worked there, learning about your vision, your competitors, your employees, your customers and above all your products, I can help you to define what activity you should be planning in order to reach your goals.

We would look at a short, medium and long term strategy that is absolutely aligned with where you want to be and how we can get you there.  Importantly we will ensure that our strategy is challenging but achievable, timely, within budget and with a clear focus on return on investment. 


Once we have established and agreed the strategy, I can either leave you to it completely, work to deliver it with you or plan in regular catch up meetings to ensure you are on track and measure the success of any activity in order to shape and tweak the future. 

You decide how much I do for you, I am totally flexible.


Jayne Says

“A strong product strategy will help you achieve your goals”

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