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Welcome to Flex Marketing

The very first job I had to do was to sort out my own marketing starting with a name and brand identity. 

I already knew what my service would be having done a load of research into the market and established that there was indeed a demand for what I was proposing.  So I knew that my name needed to include the word marketing because that is what I do and I wanted it to be really clear to people.  I thought about what it was I was offering and I kept coming back to the fact that the flexibility is really key to what the business does so I wanted to somehow incorporate this into the name. After considering other, more obscure ways of saying flexible I decided to keep it simple and hit upon flex – so the name was born.

Next I needed to work on my brand identity and I knew I didn’t want this to be too corporate, at the end of the day I am selling myself so I felt it important that my brand had some of my own personality in there so that prospective clients knew what to expect.  I worked with a very talented graphic designer to come up with my logo and then decided to have a series of icons that I could use in my presentations and on my website to make my brand more friendly and so that anything I used to market myself wasn’t too wordy.  And finally, decided to have a little icon that is me that I could use on my business cards and website.

I’m really pleased with the results, I think my brand is professional but friendly just like me.  It’s also very eye catching because it is bright and fun and there is lots more I can do with it – watch this space!

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