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Three way working

White Label Work

Occasionally I will get asked to do some work on behalf of someone else for their client. This can be particularly helpful for agencies or other freelancers who may have a gap in their resource or experience that means they can’t complete a project in full so they need to outsource part of it.

Three way working

This is exactly what happened in early July 2020, right in the midst of a global pandemic and subsequent lockdown. A creative agency I have worked with in the past got in touch with me with a ‘rush job’.  They have a client that is in the home interiors market who had a very tight deadline (as in the next day) and with a lot of their staff on furlough the owner of the agency contacted me to see if I could help.

The client had secured a full page editorial space in The Sunday Telegraph with part of the space being used for two ads plus a small section in the editors picks at the front of the supplement.

I supplied 150 words for the editorial section which talked generally about a product range in a way that was aspirational but also incorporated some information on the company as they are not a known consumer brand, this needed to be written in such a way that appealed to the Sunday Telegraph reader in order to give a feeling of trust in a business they had probably not heard of before and also included some image suggestions for the editor to choose from.

content writing

I then supplied 90 words for the editor to use at the front of the supplement which was specific to a new product, again this needed to speak to the reader and aspire them to buy the product without being too salesy.

And finally I supplied headline suggestions and a small amount of body copy for the two quarter page advertisements.

What resulted was a cohesive consumer piece that resulted in increased hits the the end clients website and additional sales as well as better brand awareness.

What the client said………

“Jayne really helped us out when we needed to hit a tight deadline. She was my first port of call to write some creative consumer facing copy. She hit the brief first time. Just what we needed.”

Anonymous (but not made up, I promise!)

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