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Tile Mountain

I have over 20 years experience in the home improvement market, many of those years in the tile industry, so when Tile Mountain needed someone to help improve their roomset imagery to appeal to their target consumer, it made complete sense for us to work together.

As one of the largest tile retailers in the UK they have a lot of products from various different factories dotted all over the world.  From the consumer perspective, this enables them to deliver great product at fantastic prices making home improvements accessible to all.  However, some of the overseas factories provide imagery to their customers that is not appropriate to the UK market.  As an online retailer this is challenging because the image is the only thing that the customer can choose from and they need to be able to imagine that product in their home and inspired to buy it. 

I have been working with Tile Mountain for almost a year now and have worked on both existing and new ranges depending where we see the potential to grow sales.  With return on investment at the top of the agenda, it is important that we choose to invest the budget wisely and I am an expert in getting the most out of the budget to drive sales effectively.

Here is an example of how a roomset can be improved when a) taking into account how the target market might use it and b) using a talented photographer or CGI artist to produce the image.


Yes an investment is required but I think it is clear to see which image will sell more tiles.  An on trend image shown in a small bathroom that looks like it might belong in a house in the UK (4 walls and a floor by the way) or a living room wall (one wall, no floor)? 

You can market the wrong product in the right way or the right product in the wrong way but one thing is for sure and that is the only way to increase your sales is by marketing the right product in the right way and we are consistently getting results by doing this.

Here is what Colin from Tile Mountain had to say…….

Jayne has a good understanding of the consumer and the interiors industry and has a really good eye for product and the best way to market it.   She would be an asset to any product led business and has certainly added value to the imagery that has been created for us

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