Product Placement

Product Placement

Getting your products noticed by your target customer can often be done via a good PR campaign

I can work with my network of PR agencies, social media gurus or (often and) influencers to get your product out to your target market in a way that makes consumers not feel like they are being sold to.  Guess what?  People don’t want to be blatantly sold to, they trust ‘non paid’ marketing more than they trust an advertisement.

If you have worked with me on other aspects of your product marketing then this stage should be really easy because you will have a product that consumers want, at the right price.  You will have an amazing comms package with stunning and insta worthy images.

And best of all, if you are taking full advantage of product placement opportunities then you are driving the consumer into your store or your customers stores so you win on every level.

Jayne Says

“Getting your product in front of the consumer without being pushy and salesy can work wonders”

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