Getting the most from your product shots

One of the most effective ways to sell your product is with the use of aspirational imagery.  Show a consumer what they could have and they will want it, and buy it.

When it comes to showing off your product in the best way possible then imagery is the way to go and these days there are so many ways that that can be created and also loads and loads of ways that it can be presented to your ideal customer.

If you are selling bathroom furniture for example you will need images of all the furniture on it’s own for brochures, either your own or to give to your customers to use.  You will need cameo shots showing the detail of the product off, for each product which can be used on your website, and you will a really strong ‘wow shot’ that can consumers can aspire to have and that journalists want to use in their magazines.  Invest in the good shots and the opportunities to place them will come without masses of effort and budget.

You are not really selling bathroom furniture, you are selling the dream of a full bathroom, towels and all as that is what the end consumer is buying.


Knowing the best ways to create the shots that you need for all your different channels and markets is a skill that I have honed over the years, getting all those shots within budget is a skill I have honed even further.

I combine these skills with my knowledge of trends and consumer behaviour (I love to see how consumers shop and figure out why they make the choices they do) to ensure that you get the photography you need that will sell your product in the best way.

There are various ways you can create these shots, a photography studio or computer generated imagery being just two obvious examples, and there is no overall rule as to which is best.  You need to make the decisions about which route to go down based on what images you need of what and therefore which will give you the best output for each project. 

I’m not a photographer trying to sell my services so will make recommendations based on what is right for your product and business goals.

Jayne Says

“Show your customers how your product could look in their home, that will make them want to buy it!”

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