Product Management

Product Management

Managing your product portfolio

As someone who’s entire marketing career has been spent working with product, I totally understand the importance of getting your product mix right.  First and foremost, you need to deliver what your customers want but equally as important, it has to work for your business.

You do not want loads of stock of the wrong product taking up space in your warehouse and ultimately costing you money, equally you don’t want your customers to go elsewhere because you don’t have a product that they want, and here is the key thing, your competitors do!!

It’s massively important to learn from the data that you have with regards to your current and future product mix and use that data to shape your offer.  I can look at what works, what makes you money, what your customers want, what your competitors are doing, all of these things but will always ask Why?  Why is my favourite word, I love to question the reason we do things, the reason people buy what they do, the reasons why things make us feel a certain way.  You can learn so much from asking the question why?  And the key is to use that information to make sure your product offer is right for you and your customer.

Unfortunately, having a good product, or range of products, is not the only answer.  The answer lies in the way you market that product, how it is photographed, the words you use to describe it, how you launch it to your customers and how you drive demand for that product plus how it sits within your full product mix.  It also, sadly, lies in how you price it – too cheap and you won’t make any money, you might even put people off because they will believe it isn’t a quality product, too expensive and no one will buy it.  Nobody said it was easy!

Product management is about getting everything aligned in order to get the greatest success from your range, from conception to launch and right through its lifecycle to the day it no longer exists.  I can help you with this.


Jayne Says

“Manage your product lifecycles effectively and your business WILL improve!”

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